Rhodium Plating

Is your white gold jewellery looking a little dull and discoloured? If so then why not send it to us to be rhodium plated.

New white gold jewellery is rhodium plated giving it that bright white shine, but over time this rhodium plating wears off making your jewellery look dull.

Why not let us give your jewellery its bright white shine back making it look like new.

How long will rhodium plating last?

This will all depend on the item be it a ring or necklace etc. and on the amount that the item is worn. Rhodium plating will typically wear quicker on a ring than on a necklace as it is coming into contact and is exposed to more elements. We would always suggest removing jewellery when cleaning or applying creams or perfumes etc. as this will help to protect the plating.

Jewellery Cleaning

Bring your jewellery back to life with our specialist cleaning & polishing service. We all love the shine of a new piece of jewellery but due to wear it can become dull and dirty. Our specialist cleaning/polishing service ensures your jewellery is cleaned and polished with the upmost care.

Our cleaning process -

  • Ultrasonic cleaner- this will remove any dirt from the jewellery
  • Polishing- this will remove any light marks/ scratches from the surface of the jewellery
  • Steam clean- gives the final thorough clean removing any dirt/ residue remaining