If you are looking for an expert jewellery repairer then look no further!

We repair all types of jewellery, whether it be a ring sizing or supplying of a new stone no job is too small. We pride ourselves on the quality of our repairs which are carried out by our experienced expert goldsmiths alongside our ability to carry out much more detailed and complex repairs than most other repairers are able to do.

We know how much that treasured piece of jewellery means to you, so be assured and trust that every piece of jewellery that we receive is treated with the utmost care and respect.

About us

We at Jewellery Repairs Direct are a dedicated jewellery repair workshop, fully equipped to deal with all manner of repairs. We have specialist machines such as laser machines which allow us to do repairs that most other workshops are unable to do, this also means we are able to do more complex repairs to a much higher standard.

We have been in the jewellery repair industry for 30 Years and have a great deal of experience when it comes to dealing will all types of jewellery. We are also specialists in antique jewellery repairs which you can read more about in our Antique repairs section.