Antique Jewellery Repairs

We provide an excellent antique jewellery repair service. We have many years of experience working with antique pieces. This has given us a true understanding of these types of repairs, sadly lacking from others and so pride ourselves on the quality of our work when it comes to antique items.

Antique jewellery can be more fragile and their repairs more complex, which needs a certain amount of subtlety and a keen eye to appreciate this. We always make sure these pieces are dealt with very carefully when carrying out any repair work, as we are aware of the huge sentimental value these items hold. Therefore each item needs to be treated with a certain sympathy that is in keeping with that individual item.

When sending in an antique item for repair please make sure that it is very well protected, ideally send it to us in a box that is well packed out to avoid damage when posting. We will ensure that any item is returned to you in the same manner.